2021–22 School Board

Brian Schreuder, President
Todd Martin, Building & Grounds
Matt Wykstra, Treasurer
Ken DeBoer, Promotions & Fundraising
Brad Kiel, Secretary

If you would be willing to help on any of the committees below, please speak to the chairman of that committee.

Building & Grounds Committee

Todd Martin, Chair
Travis Gernaat
Henry Kalkman
John VandeGiessen (lawn only)

Education Committee

Todd Martin, Chair
Barbara Hesselink
April Hoeksema
Sarah Kiel
Tim Kloosterman
Amy Wykstra

Fundraising & Promotions Committee

Ken DeBoer, Chair
Becky Gernaat
Kathy Kloosterman
Karen Martin
Kim Martin

Library Committee

Joyce Nagel, Chair
Beth DeBlecourt
Kris Scheffers
Sarah Vlietstra
Amy Wykstra

Hot Lunch Coordinators

Becky Gernaat, Menus/Forms
Sarah Vlietstra, Finances
Karen Martin, Kitchen Supplies

Other Committees

RHCS has many behind-the-scenes helpers to make the school a special place to be. Volunteer committees include Moms-At-Work, Room Moms, Yearbook, Field Day, and Graduation committees.