RHCS Tuition Schedule for 2022-2023

Students per family K 1-6 7-8 9-12
1 $3,060 $5,460 $6,130 $7,130
2 $2,910 $5,190 $5,830 $6,780
3 $2,770 $4,940 $5,550 $6,450
4 $2,630 $4,700 $5,280 $6,140
5+ $2,500 $4,460 $5,010 $5,840


Preschool Tuition

$1,100 per year for Preschool

Tuition Payment Schedule

Tuition is to be paid in 10 equal monthly payments as follows:

  • 10% at registration or by August 1
  • 10% September 1
  • 10% October 1
  • 10% November 1
  • 10% December 1
  • 10% January 1
  • 10% February 1
  • 10% March 1
  • 10% April 1
  • 10% May 1

Tuition Policy

More information regarding school tuition can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Please return your completed admission form & $25 application/association fee to:

Reformed Heritage Christian School
700 North Fletcher Avenue
Kalamazoo MI 49006


RHCS now participates with Scrip — the online, instant TRIP program!

Online ordering is now available at ShopWithScrip. Click on “Join a Program,” enter our enrollment code 3F46LA8F5L82, and follow the directions. Physical cards will still be ordered monthly, but this gives you the option to reload cards and have e-cards instantly emailed to you! All you need is an email address, a password, the enrollment code, and your bank account to set it up! A small fee of 15 cents will be charged for online orders. You can also order and pay for physical cards online, or fill out a paper form with a check. Organizations that allow ordering with ShopWithScrip can earn up to 31% over organizations that don’t! Remember that 1% goes to the general fund of RHCS and the rest applies to your tuition. For more information and a registration form please, contact our office at (269) 383-0505!

Dear Friends of Reformed Heritage Christian School,

We have available a widely used program called Tuition Reduction Incentive program (TRIP) in which you can reduce your tuition or help Reformed Heritage Christian School without any cost to yourself. In this program, local retail merchants sell merchandise gift cards to qualified non-profit organizations at a reduced cost from 1% to 24% below the actual value. The gift cards are sold at full value to families participating in the program. They can be used just like cash at the designated stores, with purchasers receiving the full value they paid for their gift cards.

In this program, participating individuals do not lose or gain anything. The profit comes entirely from the stores. Therefore, the money paid for the gift cards is non-tax deductible because the participants receive dollar for dollar value.

We began this program in November 2003. Since that time families have saved hundreds of dollars off their tuition. We receive and process orders on the first Wednesday of every month, year round. Orders will be taken on Wednesday morning at school. If you cannot be at school you may leave your order and payment with the secretary. Gift cards from your order should be available the following Wednesday morning.

To order, please complete the above RHCS TRIP order form. There is also a registration form; you can designate the profits from your orders to go toward the tuition account of your family, one or more other families, the school operating fund, or the building fund. You can also build up your personal account for any future child(ren) you may be sending to RHCS. You may also designate on the form to have your TRIP coupons mailed or picked up by someone else.

The order form contains the current list of available retailers. The list is subject to change from time to time. Percentages can also change without notice. We will try to keep you posted on any changes in the weekly school newsletter. Placing the retailers on the list does not in any way imply that RHCS endorses the values of any of the companies, nor does the school ask you to change your purchasing habits. If you are already patronizing any of the listed stores, the use of TRIP will result in reduced tuition.

Neighbors, family, and friends are welcome to participate. Please share your excitement for this program with others and encourage them to turn in an order, as well. Additional packets of information are available in the school office. If you have any questions or comments regarding the TRIP program please contact the school.