RHCS began with grades 1 through 8. During the early years a kindergarten and a high school were added, and our first high school class graduated from 12th grade in 2003.

RHCS’s high academic standards and well-rounded education are evidenced by the many industries that include RHCS alumni. Graduates have found their calling in marketing, technology, accounting, construction, finance, graphic design, the military, English, agriculture, education, culinary arts, engineering, the ministry, nursing, and many other areas.

The classes offered at RHCS—along with the instruction, motivation, and encouragement given by teachers—have prepared all alumni to take up the work that they have been called to do in this world. We were taught to work hard and do all things to the glory of God, which is the top motivation for us to do well in life. Keeping God’s glory first and foremost meant doing all of our studying and working to the best of our abilities.Bryan & Erika Kiel; RHCS alumni