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We are open for in-person classes this year! Please read these new guidelines to keep everyone healthy: RHCS Reopening Plan

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Reformed Heritage Christian School was founded by parents who desired to provide their children with a quality education rooted in the Scriptures, according to the Apostles’ Creed and the Reformed confessions.

Spiritual growth of the students is one of our top priorities. Parents who give their children a Christian education that is consistent with what is taught in their home and church will see their children flourish spiritually.

Another priority of RHCS is to provide Christian education as affordably as possible. The school provides a sliding tuition scale for families with multiple children. Participating in our fundraisers also keeps tuition low for our families, and our hearts overflow with gratitude for those who give financially to the school.


What our community says about RHCS


Kathy K.

“Our 4 children have had an excellent education at RHCS. We’ve have been blessed to be very involved in the everyday planning of school events and activities! It’s wonderful to have so much parental involvement in the running of the school. Homeschool was not an option for us, we love the small school environment and the teachings of the reformed faith.”


Becky G.

“I cannot say enough good about this school! RHCS has been such an amazing blessing to my family. The education my kids have gotten and are getting is top notch! They have learned so much and learn so quickly due to the small class sizes. But more importantly, what they are getting spiritually is so wonderful. Christian teachers teaching them Christian values that help build on what they learn at church and at home. I have made wonderful and lasting friendships here that have been such a blessing to me. God truly is a part of this place!”


Terri D.

“We are grateful to God for providing Reformed Heritage Christian School during our child rearing years. In addition to their church and home life, this school was used by God to instill in them a love for the Reformed and biblical faith. The gifted teachers and solid curriculum were the key ingredients in giving our children a firm foundation to build their lives upon. There was a unity in the love of the truth among the classmates and families that also helped to make their school experience so good. Our children graduated from RHCS fully prepared to excel at the college level. We count Reformed Heritage Christian School as one of the biggest blessings of our marriage.”


Anita V.

“Our family had an excellent educational experience here as well as sharing in a great community of faith. I highly recommend this school.”


Erika K.

“I’m so thankful my parents sent me to RHCS. The Bible, church history, and Reformed doctrine classes were so in depth and reinforced and enhanced what I was learning at church and in catechism. The academic classes truly prepared me for life, too. I went on to be the valedictorian of my graduating class at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. Our daughter will be going to this school as soon as she is old enough!”

Learning and living in the light of God's Word