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Junior High & High School

Junior High

In the 7th and 8th grade vocabulary, spelling, and grammar classroom we are working on building our knowledge of words and their meanings. Through the use of vocabulary and spelling lessons, activities, flash cards, games, and quizzes, students learn new words in order to better understand, describe, and explain the world around them. It is not enough to simply know these words, we must also learn to use them correctly through grammar and composition. The tools learned in this class will aid students in sharing their stories, ideas and requests with precision, an ability which will enable them to better serve God.

In our literature class we are enhancing both our reading and writing skills by examining common stories at the very heart of our world. As we work our way through our literature anthology, Of Places, we are examining the many people, places, situations, and events we encounter. We only live one life, but by reading about other’s experiences we can understand various perspectives. As we learn from different stories this year, we will be applying a critical eye to match what they say against God’s word (the ultimate story). We must also be able to write about what we have read in order to effectively share with others the truth we know. God called us to take care of all that He has created, and we cannot effectively do that if we do not understand the world around us. In earth and space science we are taking a close look at God’s creation and our calling as Christians to learn everything we can about the world we live in. As we examine the earth and its surrounding space through experiments, research, activities, and more, we see the creative power of a God who perfectly created the world in order.

Written by Miss Billie Snieder, teacher

Junior High School Church History

The church history class starts with the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples at Pentecost and ends with the Protestant Reformation. Students learn about the lives of the ancient church fathers but also the difficulties that the early Christians had to endure. The students get an understanding of the development of biblical teachings as events, people, and ideas developed in history. The students will also learn the reasons why the Protestant Reformation took place and how the different doctrines developed. Including how some of the important documents came to be and their continued significance today. There is plenty of discussion of how all these points have been directed by God and the impact this continues to have on our lives as Christians.

Written by Mr. Dave Vander Meer, teacher

Junior High & High School History

The textbooks used for the American history and world history classes are from a Christian perspective with the underlying philosophy that the Lord is directing history (His story) for the advancement of His Kingdom and glory. World history starts with the beginning of man in the garden and tracks the development of cultures, events, people; including the major advancements in thought and technology. American history begins with the exploration of the New World and the setting up of colonies. It has a focus on what has influenced the United States and its development over the last two hundred plus years. Major events are studied in depth and there is discussion on the role of these events on our country. These courses are survey in nature from a traditional understanding of history.

Written by Mr. Dave Vander Meer, teacher

Junior High & High School Math

The junior high math curriculum is aimed at preparing students with the skills they need to continue on in high school math classes such algebra and geometry. The curriculum includes activities that introduce concepts such as variables, equations, and the coordinate plane as well as strengthens students’ critical thinking skills.

Our high school math curriculum includes classes such as algebra I and II, geometry and precalculus. Accounting I and II and business math are also offered. This curriculum gives students a broad base in mathematics that prepares them for the future. Critical thinking skills as well as practical math applications are emphasized.

Written by Mrs. Lynelle Schreuder, teacher

High School

In Bible we are studying the Old Testament and the kingdom of God. We are exploring and studying the story of God’s people, how God establishes His kingdom, and looking at the promises of God to protect and establish his covenant people. Looking in depth at the Old Testament we see how the prophecies, people, and events point towards Christ and the New Testament. Most importantly, we look at how it applies to our own Christian walk and worldview.

The creative writing and speech classes focus on growing a multitude of skills to help us tell our stories in various forms: poems, essays, short stories, dramas, journals, and more. Not only will we look at different styles of writing and how to best present our information, but how to do it well by working on the basics of composition.

The independent novel study is another chance to study the various stories and adventures of others, learning how to empathize with those around us. However, it is also important to examine the authors and characters in the light of God’s word, so we must practice critical thinking skills as we read and discuss several classic novels.

American literature and composition focuses on the stories of Americans, from the first settlers to modern authors, including journals, poetry, short stories, dramas, fiction and nonfiction writing. Students will learn how to apply critical thinking to what they have read, looking not only at what was written, but how it was written, and the author. As we wrestle with interpreting and analyzing what we have read, we must also continue to improve our writing skills by studying the basics of composition. This class allows students to learn about the many diverse and valuable cultures around the country, all without leaving Michigan.

Written by Miss Billie Snieder, teacher