Kindergarten is an exciting place to begin a love of learning. In Bible class, we study the Bible’s major stories and learn verses that relate to those stories. Learning to read is an important goal of Kindergarten. In order to learn to read, we study Phonics. We learn letter sounds and then learn to blend those sounds into words. Then we can start to read sentences and stories in our basic readers. We learn how to print all the letters during handwriting time. After we learn to write words, we can start to write about different topics in our journals. During numbers, we study math concepts such as the numbers from 0–100, counting coins, telling basic time, and simple addition and subtraction. We use manipulatives during many classes to help us understand math. Our social studies units are community helpers, America—our great country, and children of the world. For science, we study the five senses, weather, seasons, seeds, animals, and the seashore. We enjoy our special classes of music, art, physical education, and library. Kindergarten is a fun place to learn about God and His amazing world.

Written by Miss Sarah Gunst, teacher