High school classes available to homeschooled children

We understand that sometimes parents of homeschooled children want assistance in certain academic areas of study. RHCS wants to provide opportunities for families to have their children experience a school setting while getting an education rooted in scripture. Parents will appreciate the low student to teacher ratio and the individual attention that each student receives. Whatever the reason may be for coming to RHCS, homeschool families are welcome. Below is a list of classes that are available to high school students. Interested parents should contact Barb Hesselink, the school administrator, at (269) 383-0505 or bhesselink@refhcs.org.

High school class list available for homeschool students:

  • American Literature & Composition (9th–10th grade): Monday–Friday, 1:55–2:50; $995
  • Physical Science (9th–10th grade): Monday–Friday, 1:05–1:55; $995
  • American History (9th–12th): Monday–Friday, 11:00–11:50; $995
  • Geometry: Monday–Friday, 8:15–9:05, $995
  • Bible (Old Testament): Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 11:50–12:40, Wed. 12:15–12:45; $850
  • Accounting I (11th–12th) : Monday–Friday 10:10–11:00; $900
  • Creative Writing (11th–12th grade): Monday–Friday (semester 1), 1:05–1:55; $495
  • Speech (11th–12th grade): Monday–Friday (semester 2), 1:05–1:55; $495